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Happy new year to all my readers and followers.

I hope you have all enjoyed the festive break and that you have some great plans for 2015.  I have taken a short break from blogging, although during the break I managed to purchase the domain thesciencegeek.org, which will hopefully make my blog easier to find. I am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things and have already starting writing my next two posts, which will be about dark matter and dark energy.

Everything humans have ever known about, such as stars, planets (including the Earth), asteroids, gas clouds and living creatures such as ourselves, is composed of ordinary matter.    Interestingly, however, ordinary matter only composes 5% of the mass of the Universe. The remaining 95% is made up of dark matter and dark energy about which, at the moment, we know relatively little.

Dark Matter

These two forthcoming posts will be part of my series on cosmology, the study of the origin and evolution of the Universe as a whole.

Once again, I wish you a happy new year.

Kind regards,

The Science Geek